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Why a detailed Business Plan is important

It might seem obvious, but you need a workable business plan when you’re first starting or when you want to grow and expand your business. You need to know what you wish to clearly on paper, what you want to do and why you want to do it, and how you are going to do it in terms of starting, growing, and sustaining the business.

My business plans will certainly assist you to succeed and grow as it is a roadmap giving you the vision and direction, so why wait for a crisis or when you need emergency funding. Get your business plan written today without delay!

Our Business Plan Packages

Bronze | £399

Simple 4-6 page roadmap plan to give your start-up direction, purpose, vision, mission, and goals. This also comes with a 1-page Cash Flow Forecast.

Silver | £899

A 10-18 page business plan to help you give you direction on your purpose, vision, mission, and goals.

Also includes:

    • Competitors’ Analysis
    • 1-page Cash Flow Forecast
    • Market Research
    • SWOT Analysis

Gold | £1299

12-26 pages to help you secure investment.

Also includes:

    • Direction on your purpose
    • Vision, mission, and goals
    • Competitors Analysis
    • Full Cash Flow Forecast and Financials
    • Market Research
    • SWOT analysis
    • Identifying your USP
    • Marketing and PR Strategy,
    • Pricing
    • Sales Channels and Routes to Market
    • Operational Plan
    • Pricing and Sales
    • Operational Plan to help you start or grow your existing business or enterprise
    • Marketing
    • PR Services

Platinum | £1499

A full comprehensive business 25+ pages plan to help you secure investment, funding, and finance.

Comes with:

    • Direction on your purpose
    • Outlines Vision, Mission and Goals
    • Competitors Analysis
    • Full cash flow forecast and financials, including profit and loss statement
    • Customer/Client Profiles
    • Market Research
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Pricing
    • PESTLE Analysis,
    • Identifying your USP
    • Marketing and PR Strategy
    • Sales Channels and Routes to Market
    • An Operational Plan to help you start or grow your existing business or enterprise

Cash-flow Forecasts also available from £199

The Process

We can complete your business plan in 7 easy steps within 2-6 weeks

  1. Enquire and choose what package you require
  2. Have an initial meeting (face-to-face or on the phone)
  3. Pay an initial deposit for a business plan to get things started
  4. Discuss needs, wants and desires with your business advisor (who will be writing your business plan)
  5. A business advisor constructs your business plan
  6. The business advisor sends you the first draft of the business plan for approval
  7. Once you’re happy and approve the initial drafts, the business plan document will be finalised and sent to you, and you will pay the remaining balance

We look forward to producing a robust and professional business plan to make you GROW!!

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