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We provide professional Business Support, Grants and Funding assistance,to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Entrepreneurs, Organisations, CICs, charities and social enterprises.

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Marvel Business Group Services (MBGS ) provides professional Business Support, Grants and Funding assistance to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Entrepreneurs, and Organisations. We also assist CICs, charities and social enterprises that need funds and finance to grow to deliver their organisation’s vision, mission and purpose. We have a wide range of experts and consultants ranging from bid writers to business advisors to ex-bank managers. 

We specialise in providing business services, support and funding solutions to SMEs, CICs, Social Enterprises, Charities, Entrepreneurs and sole traders who want to sustain not for just a few  months or years but decades!

Whether you’re a pre-startup business that needs funding or an existing organisation that needs funds to serve the local community in the UK, we can assist and put you on the right path! We’ve helped over 900 businesses and organisations secure over £12m (£2m in grants and £10m in loans) through alternative lending (business loans and investment) and grant funding ( approved for the financing that benefits the community and makes a difference).

Our clients are important to us, so we make sure we understand your funding and finance needs right from the very start. That’s why our clients, partners (Rich Visions, Women Like Me and Marvel Recruit) and associates recommend it again.


We understand that funding and finance are always needed to start, grow and sustain a business; the problem is many new and established companies find it hard to secure funds due to many reasons and factors. We can help you look at what is available to you and the amounts.

We will help you devise a business plan and cash flow forecast and work with you to gather and present all the required documents to secure funding.

Funding is the fuel companies need to grow, adapt and survive. But businesses can often find it hard to secure the finance they need – there are too many confusing products, complex application forms, and long waits.


Do you need help to source and applying for grants for your organisation? Our team of consultants can help and support you by using and submitting applications for various grant funding ranging from securing cash, obtaining equipment, money for training, etc.

Get in touch with us today. Call on 0794 944 1284, email, or complete the form below.

Business Funding

We Can Help You With

  • Business Loan Applications
  • Writing the Business Plan for lending
  • Writing a Cash Flow Forecast for lending
  • Signpost you to assessing credit reports
  • Preparation to meet with lenders
  • Finding you the right lender
  • Devising a Personal Survival Budget
  • Revising your CV & personal portfolio
  • Discuss requirements to apply for funding

Our business consultants are professional, skilled and qualified to take your business to another level!

Contact us today. Complete the pre-application form below and we can tell you if you’re eligible for business funding.

General Business Help

Have you got a problem that’s affecting your business? We’re on hand to help you! You can find our most popular services below. Click on the corresponding icon to learn more.


On Thursday 18th August, Mavis Amankwah hosted a Boat party in celebration of her new Goodwill Ambassador role for the United Nations Association (UNA).

The event was full of Mavis’ business associates, friends and family who wanted to join her in the celebration of this amazing achievement. The Swearing-In ceremony took place on Friday 8 July at 1 pm GMT in Accra, Ghana, and online. Mavis said “It is a true honour to be appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Association.

Since I started my business 22 years ago, it has always been a goal of mine to assist in making a difference. I am excited to address the needs of the various sustainable development goals the United Nations have stated in their mandate.” Mavis will use her vast network of international contacts to raise the profile of the UNACWCA.

Free Webinars Every Tuesday

Mavis Amankwah and the MGBS team host free webinars each Tuesday from 7 pm via Zoom. We cover areas such as:

  • Marketing and promoting yourself like a pro
  • Effectively marketing your business online to increase your revenue asap
  • Recovery loans and grants
  • Build an engaging community
  • How to build your own mobile app to grow your business

If you’d like to join us, please sign up using the link below.

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